Sports Day 2023

Sports Day 2023

A massive well done to everyone for their performances during last week's Sports Day!

It was a joy to see all of the children participating in various activities with enthusiasm, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Their energy, skills, and determination were truly inspiring. The effort and dedication that the staff put into organising and supervising the event, ensuring that everyone had a fair and fun experience in addition to their creativity, patience and encouragement was a factor in making this day a success. However, the day belonged to the children; I am so proud of them all for trying their best, supporting each other, and showing respect for the rules and opponents. They demonstrated the values of sports that go beyond winning or losing, and I hope that they carry these with them in their future endeavours!

School Newspaper Report

Sports Day is a fun-filled day introduced to boost children’s love of PE. This year it was bigger and better than ever before. It included activities such as the Vortex, Shot Put, Relay race, Hurdles, Long jump, Obstacle Course and the 800 and 60-metre sprint for the older girls.
I interviewed two Reception girls to see what they thought of their first-ever Sports Day:

“What did you enjoy about sports day?”
Arabella: “I enjoyed the bag races because I like jumping!”
Kitty: “I really loved going through the tunnels and throwing the bean bag into the hoop!”

“What do you love about PE?”
Arabella: “I love PE. It is just so good and fun. My favourite part is playing with the balls!”
Kitty: “I love batting the ball off the tee in cricket. I like doing the egg and spoon race where there are lots of different colours, like red and blue and yellow and then you run to the end and back and pass your egg and spoon to the next girl in line!”

This year Sports Day was held on Thursday 15 June in Chiswick. All the girls loved it so much! Congratulations to the Thunberg House for this year’s win. A big thank you to the sports department for their hard work and all the other staff helping to ensure it ran smoothly!

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