Year 4 Bushcraft Residential

Year 4 Bushcraft Residential

Year 4 had a fantastic time on their bushcraft residential trip.

On Tuesday 16 May, Year 4 set off on their first school residential at Ken Prep. After much discussion about packing lists, spider management strategies and fish eyeballs, the girls were very excited!

We were so fortunate that the sun was out for the whole week, allowing us to enjoy all of the beauty that Blenheim Woods had to offer.

Throughout the week, Year 4 were challenged in a whole host of new ways. The girls cooked many of their own meals, including cooking burgers over a fire. They also worked together to save their teachers and camp leaders after a (pretend) near-fatal plane crash.

Our last night away featured a fabulous ‘Tribes Got Talent’ show in which the girls presented their weird and wonderful acts in teams. A highlight was a ‘Eurovision Gone Wrong’ parody performance.

On this trip, many of the girls were staying away from home for the first time. Their teachers are so proud of their resilience managing this and for stepping outside of their comfort zone.

“It was a very good experience. I have never been camping before. At bushcraft, I could explore and learn more things like first aid and about mushrooms!” Maggie

“Bushcraft was really fun. We laughed a lot!” Chessie

“Bushcraft required us to be enthusiastic. They really made us feel at home” Imogen B

“It was different, scary and a bit out of our comfort zone. But…. It was the BEST THING EVER, because everyone supported each other nicely” Honor

“The food was different, but cooking it ourselves was very fun and fulfilling” Ellie

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