The Girls’ Day School Trust (GDST) is the UK’s leading family of 25 independent girls’ schools and two academies with nearly 20,000 students.

Kensington Prep was the first school to be opened by the GDST in 1873 (then known as Kensington High School) and has been a pioneer in girls’ education ever since.

There are great benefits to being part of the GDST and a wider group of schools.

Innovative approaches and best practices are shared throughout the network and the GDST is an educational charity which means all income is invested back into the schools.

Much of the administrative burden on schools is handled centrally by the GDST, which also means each school can maximise the time focused on the curriculum and teaching.

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The GDST is at the forefront of girls’ education and there are lots of benefits of being part of a bigger family of schools. We like the fact that it is a charity reinvesting all its income back into its schools, rather than out to make a commercial profit.

Ken Prep Parent

The GDST difference

GDST schools and academies share an ethos and a proud heritage of girls-only education and girls are a member of a unique network.

Many GDST-wide events, rallies and performances are staged giving girls the chance to compete and collaborate in activities such as sports to digital technology, general knowledge quizzes to creative writing. The GDST network is also very powerful enabling staff to collaborate and share best practices with sister schools.

Ken Prep girls join a unique alumnae network of over 40,000 women around the country when they leave the school. The alumnae network can be called on to help with university choices, career advice and guidance and more.

Three Ken Prep girls stood in the playground with their arms around each other.

The Girls' Futures Report

The GDST Girls’ Futures Report is a landmark research study, looking at the aspirations of young women in education.

With insights from 1,358 girls aged 9 to 18 in England and Wales, it sheds light on their career and leadership ambitions, self-confidence and perceptions, and how prepared they feel to enter the world.

Read the full report here

'Raise Her Up' Podcast

Every fortnight the GDST podcast, ‘Raise Her Up,’ interviews expert guests on big topics of parenting.

Covering topics from well-being to womanhood, communication to creativity, self-image to sexism, as well as mental health, careers, and relationships to name just a few, ‘Raise Her Up’ from the GDST gives you the tools to help your girls flourish.

Available on Spotify, Apple, Audible or wherever you listen to podcasts – you can also see all the episodes on the GDST website here.

Mrs Hulme, Head of Kensington Prep, made a guest appearance in the episode about children’s behaviour at school and home – including how this can change around the pressure points such as Christmas.

The GDST Chair of Trustees is Vicky Tuck – she can be contacted at:

Girls’ Day School Trust
10 Bressenden Place


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