We focus on growing great minds that are curious, creative, happy and healthy

Kensington Prep School is regarded as one of the top prep schools in London. We have a proud tradition combined with innovative teaching. Our girls achieve outstanding results and go on to some of the best day and boarding schools in London and the country.

In the school’s most recent whole-school inspection the school was given the highest possible grade: ‘The quality of the pupils’ academic and other achievements is excellent.’

What makes Kensington Prep special?

  • Specialism in the years that matter
  • A focus on what girls need
  • Exploratory approach to teaching
  • Facilities that open up learning and challenge
  • A community that fosters self-belief, kindness and courage

An all-girls education

At Kensington Prep School we strongly believe that young girls benefit from attending an all-girls school. We find that in the absence of boys, girls are more willing to learn to take intellectual and physical risks. Visitors notice a calm, work-focused atmosphere. Girls tend to mature more quickly than boys and, therefore, require a different approach to teaching. For the majority of girls, single-sex education seems to work best.

Read The Girls’ Futures Report here.

Girls' Day School Trust

Being part of the Girls’ Day School Trust means we’re supported by the largest organisation of its kind in the UK. This brings considerable investment and administrative resource, allowing us to concentrate fully on what we do best – teaching. Girls, when they leave, join the vast GDST alumnae network with alums throughout the country able to offer advice university choices, career guidance and more. See more details about the GDST here. 

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