Kensington Prep School is part of the Girls’ Day School Trust, a charitable trust which reinvests all its income in its schools.


£6,131 per term (from January 2022)

School Meals

£298 per term

All girls are required to have school lunch and the cost is added to the fees account. All fees must be paid via the bank direct debit system as detailed in the parent handbook.

Registration fee

£100 (non-returnable) to be paid at the time of registration.


£1,000 to be paid on acceptance of a place.

This deposit will be held until the end of a pupil’s final term in the school and will be refunded within 12 weeks of leaving, less any sums owing to the Trust or the school at that time. This deposit is forfeited if the place is not taken up.

Fees for optional extra subjects

Fees for individual music lessons (1/2 hour) £23.50

Accounts for these subjects will be sent direct by the teacher concerned and should be settled with those teachers within one week of the start of each term.


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