Wanting to know is more important than knowing

Young children are naturally inquisitive, but our exceptional teachers and unique facilities develop this into a deep love of learning. By making lessons what they should be – fun.

We inspire girls to fully explore their imagination and experiment, then to question and reflect to form their own conclusions. All the while learning to take risks and never be afraid of making mistakes.

The sheer variety and richness of the learning experiences on offer – whether indoors, outdoors or on an overseas trip – constantly keep the girls engaged and eager to know more.

Girls reach the highest possible levels, but there is simply nothing of an exam factory about the teaching at the school. Always the emphasis is on depth of understanding, questioning and stretching the girls in their research.


Growing great minds

Problem solving

We want girls to think confidently and creatively, to take calculated risks and not to be afraid of making mistakes on the way to success. We are preparing them for a world that requires courage, resilience and flexibility.

The strong emphasis on creativity and the development of thinking skills and other personal intellectual qualities such as reflection, risk-taking and using initiative, permeate learning across all age-groups.

Independent Schools Inspection Report


We build on children’s natural curiosity. 

We structure the curriculum to give lots of open-ended activities focusing on personal and intellectual qualities such as risk-taking, reflection and initiative where there is no ‘right answer’. Pupils come up with a multitude of possible creative interpretations and solutions. Girls gain the confidence to take risks and grow less fearful of making mistakes and learning from them.  We introduce philosophy from Year 1. 


Music plays a big part in the life of the school with every girl enjoying music as part of their school day. In addition over 97% of pupils are also learning an instrument or having individual singing lessons.

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