Emma Gleadhill Workshop for Year 5

Emma Gleadhill Workshop for Year 5

Year 5 spent the day with Emma Gleadhill, our returning specialist in child and adolescent development.

Emma delivered an engaging, active and thought-provoking workshop on exploring healthy relationships and understanding emotional well-being. Emma based her activities on feedback the girls had provided through a questionnaire and her bespoke tasks allowed the girls to discover more about their personal feelings as well as relationships with their peers.

Year 5 thoroughly enjoyed the day and Emma was very impressed with their emotional intelligence and enthusiasm for learning more about themselves.

School Newspaper Report

On Tuesday 16 May, Emma Gleadhill came to work with Year 5 to prepare them for their upcoming transition to Year 6. In this workshop, Year 5 learned about what friendship really is. Before the workshop, Year 5 were asked to fill in a survey about their opinions on friendships and were welcome to ask any personal/private questions.

Emma talked to us about how we behave. She said that we are ‘contagious’. If you are angry and you shout, this can cause your friends to shout too. She told Year 5, “Anger is like a hook. It hooks you in.”

“There are three zones that match your feelings. There is the red zone – where you are tipped over the edge of your limit and you are ready to attack. The green zone – you feel enough, you’re content. You can thrive. Finally, you have the black zone – where you are more shut down, telling yourself negative comments like ‘my friends don’t like me any more!”

Year 5 also learned about how to control mental health feelings. We also did some helpful yoga moves like the Mountain pose.

A big thank you goes out to Emma! The girls thoroughly enjoyed the workshop.

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