No Power Hour for Earth Day

No Power Hour for Earth Day

On Friday 21 April, everyone took part in a 'No Power Hour' in support of Earth Day 2023.

The ‘No Power Hour’ was not completed at the same time of the day (logistically tricky), but at a time that worked for each class/member of staff.

Our Energy Sparks data clearly shows lower usage from 11.00am – 7.00pm on that Friday. The Eco-Warriors discussed the data and reasons for the fluctuations throughout the day. While there may be other factors to consider (kitchen, heating – these are fairly consistent in terms of their usage), the usage when compared over the seven-day period, and to that of the same date one year ago, is significantly lower and this is likely due to the efforts everyone made to not use power for an hour of the day – longer in some cases (Year 4 took a whole afternoon off the power!). These small changes have definitely made a difference!

This little experiment certainly gives us something to think about. Making these small changes in our homes will make a difference to the environment and to our pockets!

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