Year 5 Trip to the Isle of Wight

Year 5 Trip to the Isle of Wight

Year 5 enjoyed an action-packed residential stay at the UKSA waterfront location in Cowes on the Isle of Wight.

Despite intermittent weather conditions, the Isle of Wight was the perfect location for Year 5 to participate in sailing, water sports and team-building activities.

Following our arrival on Monday afternoon, the girls had a splashing good time playing water-based team games to help build their water confidence. In the evening, they played a very competitive game of water polo and crabbed off a pier, mindful of the seagulls who were on the lookout for their next meal.
The next morning, they learned the parts of a dinghy and how to steer using the tiller, before being towed out to a bay. The girls had the wind in their sails as they unhooked and steered their dinghies towards the shore. It did not take long for our girls to feel at home in the sea.

Later that day, we explored Cowes’s waterways on a kayak. After that, we played ‘instructor says’. This activity involved standing up on the kayak, switching places, kayak races and a few splashes into the water when things did not go to plan! Nobody, not even the teachers, stayed dry while trying to perfect a series of ‘perfect body position’ dives off the pontoon.

For the remainder of the week, Year 5 spent their days honing their sailing and water skills around the coves of the glorious Isle of Wight. This included keel boating, stand-up paddle boarding, raft and shelter building and more.

Why don’t you ask them how to hoist the sail, tack, control the motor or steer using the tiller?

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