The girls have been truly immersed in STEM-related activities and the excitement and sense of fun has been palpable around the school.

STEM week got off to a fiery start with the brilliant Royal Institute shows on Friday 3 March and the fascinating Bat Assembly on Monday 6 March. Next, the girls headed off to the Inter-House STEM Quiz which was a wonderful opportunity for our girls to collaborate across the year groups while testing their knowledge of Science, Technology and Mathematics. Congratulations to the Goodall House on winning this!

The usual English and Maths lessons were replaced with tasks and challenges with a STEM focus and every year group was set a Technology project to tackle during the week. In the spirit of STEM, a Reception to Year 5 Art project was included. Pupils from every class participated in turning simple milk bottles into a cute plant pot display which, come Spring, should yield a beautiful hanging garden for all to enjoy.

The science activities were left to Year 6. These girls have been working incredibly hard on a science project of their group’s choosing. Each group was tasked with planning and delivering a lesson to ‘teach’ their project to a particular year group. Congratulations to Year 6 for their outstanding effort. The younger girls loved their lessons which were not only fun and engaging but filled with good science.

Thanks to our talented parent volunteers who gave up their time to plan and share their STEM-related jobs and passions with the girls. These talks opened our girls’ imaginations to the huge variety of STEM-related careers.

STEM week has been a triumph in ‘finding the fascinating’ and it is thanks to our whole school community that weeks like these are such a success!

Newspaper Club Report

Last week, Ken Prep experienced the arts of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. Our teachers, Miss Tucker, Mrs Neal and Mrs Lieghio prepared many exciting events such as problem-solving and quizzing the knowledge of us girls. STEM is not just entertaining, but is a brilliant opportunity to explore a large variety of Science and Technology activities. We all enjoyed our time, discovering the amazing magic of STEM! Many thanks go to Miss Tucker, Mrs Neal, and Mrs Lieghio who organised everything.
– Report written by Year 5 girls

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