Summer Festival 2023

Summer Festival 2023

It was wonderful to see so many of you at our Summer Festival on Saturday 10 June.

The festival certainly kept us all entertained with activities and stalls ranging from plants to ponies, cakes to crafts, and hairstyling to helter-skelters! The Summer Festival would not have been possible without the hard work and time dedicated by the KPA and all the parent volunteers. A big thank you to the KPA and volunteers for a brilliant afternoon.

School Newspaper Report

On Saturday 10 June, the KPA hosted the annual Summer Festival! This fun and action-packed day was filled with lively rides and activities. This is a day which celebrates the beginning of summer and the whole school was invited! Students at Ken Prep, Families, Teachers and even some old Students came along!

This year’s Summer Festival contained roughly 20 activities, including badge-making, a raffle and a lucky dip! The school also prepared incredibly fun rides, such as a carousel and a helter-skelter, there were even pony rides! Furthermore, there were lots more wonderful games to play, even a game made up by the Eco-Warriors!

Raffle tickets were also very popular and were a major event in the Summer Festival this year. Nearly everyone put at least a few tickets in! The raffle tickets were folded up, rolled around in a container, and names were pulled out! Everyone was holding their breath and there was immense excitement and cheering. Names that got pulled out won a hamper.

Linking onto games, there were also prizes to be won! Pens, keyrings, even small soft toy emojis! At Ms Tucker’s eco game, sweets can also be won! There were boxes of prizes ready and waiting to be opened and treasured!

A big thank you goes to all the teachers and parents for helping out with the Summer Festival and keeping everyone content and happy.

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