School Council Elections

School Council Elections

Girls from Years 2 to 6 were invited to put themselves forward to become the school council representative for their class.

These girls wrote and presented manifestos to their classmates, outlining their strengths and qualities for the role, as well as how they want to help improve the school.

A few weeks ago, the election process came to a close with all girls heading to the polling station to vote for their class representative. Ballot papers were provided, along with private voting booths and ballot boxes – making it just like a real polling station.

Staff across the school have commented on how impressed they have been with the girls’ maturity at the polling station and about the whole voting process. Form teachers have been particularly impressed with the thought that has gone into the girls’ manifestos, and we are glad that we were not the ones to make the tough decision on who was elected! Congratulations to all of the girls elected!

School Newspaper Report

One of our Year 4 teachers, Miss Brackenridge, alongside Miss Avis, is in charge of this amazing organisation.

What is school council?
Every year children from different classes create manifestos to perform for their class and every year the class votes on their favourite candidate (it is always extremely close). The person with the most votes becomes part of the honoured school council. They are helpful, funny and always keep promises (hopefully).

Interview with Miss Brackenridge

Why did you take up the role of head of the school council? 
“I have a huge interest in the pastoral side of the school and have experience in leading children’s mental health in schools. I wanted to ensure that you all have your voices heard in how the school is being run and how we can continue to support you all better.”

How do you feel about the way the school council ran before you came?
“I admired that they had already started it and the students knew about it so it was easier for me to improve it.”

Do you think that the changes that you made will improve the school council?
“I hope! I do really hope and I think that now it will be thought about more seriously if not already.”

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