Black History Month

Black History Month

To mark the end of the Black History Month celebrations, the whole school joined together to listen to what each year group had been learning about over the course of the month.

This year’s theme was ‘celebrating our sisters’ and each year group focused on a Black British female figure.

With Reception at an African drumming workshop, Year 1 opened the assembly with girls reading about their learning on influential nurse, Mary Seacole. Year 2 followed by reading out postcards they had written from the point of view of Baroness Floella Benjamin to friends back home about what life was like in England after she moved here. Year 3 focused on Nicola Adams and why she had inspired them with her determination and resilience. Year 4 read out why Lilian Bader was so inspirational after being treated differently because of the colour of her skin, yet she still managed to become one of the first Black female members of the Armed Forces. Year 5 had been looking at the life and music of Little Simz and had written their own rap-style poems about her life and the difficulties she had faced due to her race. Finally, Year 6 focused on the writing style of Malorie Blackman, looking at what influences her writing.

In addition, Year 6 described their research around Black computer scientists and Year 4 explained how they created fantastic portraits of different Black British women (see the artwork below). These are now displayed around the school.

The assembly ended with Mrs Hulme handing out special commendations for girls across the school who had gone ‘above and beyond’ in their optional Black History Month homework.

The girls presented confidently and it was clear they had learnt so much about the challenges Black British women have faced and how important it is that we celebrate their achievements.

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