Year 6 Trip to Wembley Stadium

Year 6 Trip to Wembley Stadium

Year 6 had a fantastic day out at Wembley Stadium.

The girls kicked-off the day with a tour of the stadium, followed by a STEM workshop where they mapped out and built key London landmarks.

School Newspaper Report

Year 6 were very privileged to have a tour around the stadium, which everyone absolutely loved. During the tour, we were led around by terrific tour guides – Daniel and Ray. They told everyone every single secret about this place, with some whopping numbers, like how the stadium can hold up to 90,000 people – that’s a lot! We were allowed to go not only in the stands but visit the changing rooms. We were permitted to actually hold the tops belonging to Mary Earps, the Lioness’s goalkeeper, and Leah Williamson, the Lioness’s team captain. Then we exited the changing rooms and got to walk down the aisle as the teams Manchester City and Chelsea.

Then we were allowed to take photos with the FIFA World Cup! It was a bit heavy and damaged. This is because it has been broken five times by the different teams! In conclusion, there is no FIFA World Cup without a dent in it!

In groups, we managed to build different famous landmarks of London such as the Gherkin, Tower Bridge, and the London Eye. In our designated teams, each team used rolling sticks to build a structure of a famous landmark decided by the table. To make the sticks, we took six sheets of newspaper and rolled them up, leaving a slight space on the top. Then we put glue in the non-rolled bit and put it in a special machine. Gradually, you add more pressure while turning the side of it. Then you take it out and it’s as hard as metal! At the end of the hour we were given to complete the structure, everyone wandered around, looking at the hard work everybody had done. The London Eye even spun around!

At the end, everyone admitted that they were sad to leave such an amazing place. We definitely all can agree that this was a memorable trip that will never be forgotten.

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