British Science Week

British Science Week

British Science Week was a brilliant opportunity to increase the Science Capital of the girls, staff and wider community.

With the Ken Prep STEM Week just around the corner, we used British Science Week to celebrate Science at our school while supporting some of the key identified needs from the PSQM (Primary Science Quality Mark) that we are working towards achieving again this year.

We kick-started the week with an assembly from our Science Wizard, Ian, who shared some simple, fun and ‘easy to do at home’ experiments.

Ken Prep girl throwing hoop glider.

Hoop gliders proved a great success! Each girl from Reception to Year 6 were tasked with making a hoop glider with a focus on the enquiry skill, asking questions. The girls came up with excellent questions about “what would happen if we changed…”. Once they tested their original glider, they made changes or built new gliders to compare how the change affected its flight and then reported their findings in various ways.

The girls enjoyed some excellent shows and talks, both online and in person. The Royal Institution Chemistry Show was full of its usual explosions and the Tech She Can lesson created a great opportunity to look at sustainable transport for the future.

It was a brilliant week that showcased our Science Principles. Inspired by what was offered to them, the girls embraced every activity with a growth mindset and curiosity. While valuing the opinions of others and thinking critically, they have certainly embodied the Ken Prep vision of ‘Growing Great Science Minds’.

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