Safer Internet Day 2024

Safer Internet Day 2024

On Tuesday 6 February, we celebrated Safer Internet Day with assemblies led by our Digital Leaders.

As a school, we talked about the themes of change and influence and how we can manage these as part of our online activities.

Girls in Reception to Year 2 learnt a song reminding them how important it is to tell an adult they trust if something worries or upsets them online.

Girls in Years 3 to 6 took part in a quiz to see if they could guess whether pictures, songs and videos had been created by humans or AI. Some of them were very tricky to guess!

Newspaper Club Report

Safer Internet Day was on Tuesday 6 February 2024, and on this day millions of people united under the theme of ‘Together for a Better Internet’.

Interview with the Digital Leaders
  1. What’s it like being a digital leader?
    The girl we interviewed replied that being a Digital Leader has a lot of responsibility like helping children in Kensington Prep if they are stuck on the internet or if they need help. You lead important assemblies in the school about Computing and special days for Computing. Every Wednesday all the Digital Leaders meet at lunchtime and plan exciting things for people in Kensington Prep School.
  2. Do you learn your computing knowledge in Computing lessons or in Digital Leaders?
    The girl we interviewed said you build up your knowledge while you are at Ken Prep and being in the older years means you have more knowledge. It enables you to help younger children who are having trouble with using the internet.
Assembly about Safer Internet Day

The Digital Leaders led our Safer Internet Day assembly. The internet can be fun and exciting but sometimes it can make you feel worried or have a bad feeling. If that happens you should speak to an adult in school or the Digital Leaders. These are things you can do:
  • You should manage influence in games so that you do not get a bill.
  • When a window appears on your computer it might have a virus so always tell an adult!
  • You might read something negative online so you can tell an adult if that happens. Then an adult will help you.
  • Try not to be on the computer too much.
  • There are some things online which are not real so watch out for that! It is extremely hard to see the difference between something real and a computer-generated video or picture.

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