‘You Are Never Too Old To Learn’ Launch

‘You Are Never Too Old To Learn’ Launch

As part of our PSHE curriculum, we have launched a 'You are Never too Old to Learn' initiative amongst our staff.

The aim is to show the children that we should all be lifelong learners and that none of us are too old to learn.

Our wonderful Ken Prep staff have embraced this challenge with enthusiasm and we have staff members learning all sorts of things from knitting to languages, horse-riding to meditation and cooking to origami. In addition, we have several who have pledged to learn a new instrument and complete their Grade One test by the end of the year. Watch out for the staff orchestra!

The girls were hugely inspired watching their teachers share their reasons for learning. We also learned about Jenny Wood Allen who completed her first marathon at the age of 71 and Mary Walker who learned to read at the ripe age of 114!

We challenge our Ken Prep parents to think about new skills they could learn too! Feel free to share with us if this inspires you or your family to take on a new challenge.

School Newspaper Report

This new year, Mrs Homes has introduced something new into the Year 3 classroom – learning a new skill! We interviewed a couple of the Year 3 girls and they mentioned what they’re trying to get better at.

One girl is going to get better at her flute so she can feel confident about passing her Grade 1 exam whereas another girl is learning how to knit as she feels like she could do it if she practised hard. The girls both thought that it was good that the teachers were going to try a new thing as well and as the teachers are normally teaching they said it would be cool to see them learn.

Ms Challis said, “I have been trying to do meditation for five minutes five days a week, though on the train it’s a bit too loud.” Mrs Seeley said, “I am going to start knitting but I will need a teacher to help me!” Mrs Homes is learning the art of decorating cakes.

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