Science Day 2021

Science Day 2021

An amazing day devised by our Head of Science celebrating different aspects of science with expert talks and a 'Science Fair' put on by Year 6.

Our Science Day included talks on aerospace debris to giant sewer building, immunology to digestion, scientific innovation to making sea water drinkable.

A highlight of the day was the Year 6 ‘Science Fair’ – Year 6 teams shared fascinating scientific investigations which they’ve been undertaking.  They created videos on topics ranging from chilli tasting to musical mustard and packaging pros and wowed us all with their science knowledge teaching virtual lessons to the rest of the school.

Take a look.

Year 6 Science Video - Effervescent Enzymes

Which substance contains the most enzymes – how will you tell?

Year 6 Science Video - Chilli Chillers!

What will best cool down the heat of chillies?  PS the answer is not water..

Year 6 Science Video - Musical Mustard

Does music help plants such as mustard grow?

Year 6 Science Video - To fear or not to fear

What makes people fearful and why?

Year 6 Science Video - Water, Water

Can people taste the difference between different water brands – or is it just marketing?

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