Technology plays an integral part in the school life of pupils at Ken Prep. The girls are exposed and encouraged to use a variety of devices such as laptops, iPads and touchscreens everyday in their classrooms.

We have 1:1 iPad provision in Years 2 to 3 and the pupils are encouraged to use these when appropriate to aid with their learning. Years 4 to 6 have their own Google Chromebooks for use at school and to take home for homework too. In Year 1 and Reception, we have access to shared iPads.

From Year 1, each class has an hour of computing each week in our computer suite and all classes have access to our Explore Floor, which is a multi-functional space that enables creative teaching and learning through the use of technology.

Pupils acquire extremely good digital learning skills as they progress throughout the school.

ISI Inspection Report, March 2023

Learning throughout the school is interwoven with online activities, internet research and use of educational software apps. From their very first day in Reception, girls have the chance to use laptops and tablets as well as more traditional teaching resources and library books. All staff and girls use the school’s digital learning platform Firefly as an online resource with timetables and curriculum materials and information is also shared via the online parent portal. All girls were easily able to access this platform for our extensive guided home learning programme which we offered during lockdown.

Girls confidently learn to use programs such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Photoshop as well as more advanced skills to program robots and remote control Beebot cars. In Years 5 and 6 they girls also learn photography skills, 3D game and movie making.

Ensuring girls learn how to stay safe on the internet is paramount and internet experts Childnet run regular sessions at school for both parents and girls.

We have twice been awarded the prestigious ICT Mark in recognition of our cutting-edge use of IT throughout the curriculum.

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