Eco-Warriors’ Trash Mob

Eco-Warriors’ Trash Mob

The new Eco-Warriors conducted a 'trash mob' aimed at collecting rubbish in the school grounds.

The new Eco-Warriors are off to a busy start this year! In line with the tasks required to achieve our ‘Plastic Free Status’, we conducted a ‘trash mob’ aimed at collecting rubbish in the school grounds. We were not expecting to find a lot of rubbish (as our grounds are well cared for) so the girls had to ‘dig deep’ to extract the tiniest pieces of rubbish from the smallest crevices.

We analysed our trash pile and recognised that most of the rubbish we had found was made from plastic. Paper was the next most abundant type of material followed by food, leaves and the odd pencil.

Having identified some of the products in the plastic pile we are writing to these businesses to ask them if they have considered finding a way to make the packaging of their products more sustainable.

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