One Kind Word

One Kind Word

This week's focus has been ‘One Kind Word’ as we joined in the national campaign 'Anti-Bullying Week'

The girls have had a tremendous week enjoying lots of activities around the theme of kindness and respect. The week kicked off with Odd Socks Day, which was a great opportunity to encourage everyone to express themselves and celebrate their individuality.

Jakki Jones, illustrator of the book ‘Be Kind’ encouraged the girls to think about themes such as ‘be kind to others’, ‘be kind to the planet’ and ‘be kind to yourself’ and create ‘doodle’ illustrations on postcards which we’ll use to create a big display in the school.

During breaktime we used chalk on the playground to write and draw different forms of kindness and express how it makes us feel. There was an abundance of wonderful words and images which sent a wave of kindness throughout the school.

Older girls read stories with themes of kindness to younger girls in the library.  It was a magical moment seeing the younger ones being so attentive to the treat of being read to by those in higher years – and the older girls loved the chance to read with the younger ones too.

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